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How Safe Is Electroshock Therapy?

Posted on April 24, 2011 in ECT Therapy

There is quite a stigma attached to electroshock therapy, or more professionally called electroconvulsive therapy, but really that all stems from the early treatment days. When the treatment was first introduced back in 1938 it was a huge advancement in medicine but the physicians had not quite figured out all of the kinks. As a result, a lot of patients died or suffered from long term side effects. In more recent medicine, electroshock treatment is much safer and is backed by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) as a safe procedure. Even though there is plenty of controversy regarding Electroconvulsive therapy risks, the APA has said that there is no proof that this type of shock therapy causes any kind of brain damage or life threatening risks. Numerous tests and experiments have been performed with no results that support the brain damage claim.

The Purpose of Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy

The main purpose of electroshock therapy treatment was for psychiatric patients who suffered from seizures in order to provide a more therapeutic life experience for that patient. There were many different methods of applications for this therapy and even though it seems kind of a retro procedure, electroshock therapy is still performed today. Psychiatric facilities deem the procedure safe even today even though some of the electroshock patients may not agree. Most people who have had the therapy done are not in support of it but there are some people who were treated successfully from it, at least in the earlier days.

Electroconvulsive shock therapy treatment is used mainly in the mental health and psychiatric fields and it works by sending electric signals through your brain to create a mini seizure. That tiny seizure allows your brain to rewire the way it reacts to a lot of mental illnesses out there and hopefully start to live a healthier and happier life. Depending on the severity of the mental illness or disorder that a person is dealing with they may have to receive their ECT on a regular basis or on some type of schedule. When you think of this type of treatment you have to first get over the horrible things people associate with it from the earlier days of trial and error. Today there are thousands of successful procedures that are performed in psychiatric care facilities everyday and the patients are able to live a completely different lifestyle they may have never thought possible. Yet, still there are those who opt for electroshock therapy.