Electroconvulsive Therapy

Information on Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive Therapy – What Is It?

Electroconvulsive therapy was a method introduced back in 1938 but it was more commonly referred to as electroshock treatment or therapy. The main purpose of this treatment was for psychiatric patients who suffered from seizures in order to provide a more therapeutic life experience for that patient. Over the years, Electroconvulsive therapy (or ect therapy) was also used for several different types of mania, disorders and even severe depression too. There were many different methods of applications for this therapy and even though it seems kind of a retro procedure, electroshock therapy is still performed today. Psychiatric facilities deem the electroconvulsive therapy procedure safe even today even though some of the electroshock patients may not agree. Most people who have had the therapy done are not in support of it but there are some people who were treated successfully from it.

Electroconvulsive Therapy Brain Damage

Even though there is plenty of controversy about electroconvulsive therapy brain damage risks, the APA (American Psychiatric Association) has said that there is no proof that this type of shock therapy causes any kind of brain damage. Numerous tests and experiments have been performed with no results that support the brain damage claim. However, even show there are thousands of articles, web posts and even books that claim that this type of shock therapy over a period of time. When it comes to this topic the debate seems to go on forever.

Electroconvulsive Therapy Treatment

Electroconvulsive therapy treatment is really for the people out there suffering with any kind of mood effecting disorder like depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. The method of action is to simply change the way your brain reacts to those emotions and hopefully help create a more tolerable and happy lifestyle for the patient. If you do not agree with this type of treatment for patients, the good thing is that you can never be forced to undergo it like you would have back in the 40s. Today all electroconvulsive therapy treatments have to have an informed consent by the patient or their legal guardian before it can be performed. Even with those stipulations in place there are still several patients that claim they were not properly informed about the procedure and treatment before they underwent it. Regardless, this is why reading those forms is very important so you know exactly what you are consenting to.

Electroconvulsive Therapy Bipolar Treatment

While Electroconvulsive therapy bipolar treatment is acceptable there are still some concerns for those who undergo treatment while pregnant. While most practitioners will tell you that it is generally safe to undergo electroshock therapy you should always be as careful as possible and if the therapy is required then your physician should take every precaution to examine and monitor you through the whole electroconvulsive therapy procedure just to make sure the unborn baby is never in jeopardy.

While electroconvulsive therapy treatment isn’t going to give you brain damage; it may have some mental side effects. Loss of memory, both long and short term, has been reported along with general amnesia. Most side effects are short lived but if you have long term ETC therapy then you may end up dealing with them for longer than most. Psychiatric hospitals and wards worldwide still use this form of therapy for epilepsy, depression and even severe mood swings and even though some people see it as cruel others find that the treatment actually works. If the electroshock therapy option is just not for you then make sure you are aware of all of the options for you or your loved one that is experiencing some several emotions. Making sure you understand everything about electroconvulsive therapy and the treatment will make you feel better about having it done.